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Tricia Roth


Kat Williams


Tricia Roth's career in the Entertainment field started in her 20’s working for a company that hosted the world’s largest music trade & conference show in the US in the early 70’s. Tricia produced shows for the CMA which included Tammy Wynette, Mickey Gilley, Ronnie Millsap, George Straight. Canadian great Andre Gagnon, Blood Sweat & Tears among others. When the company moved to London, Tricia was offered exclusive representation of a company in Florida that built live/dead modules for recording studios with a 3 to 4 day installation. Tricia needed a showroom and Barry Gibb let her use Middle Ear in North Miami Beach. It was a rehearsal studio but the acoustics were so good, the collaboration with Barbara Streisand took place and the Guilty album was cut. Harry Belafonte took a keen interest in the studio and Tricia realized she needed a showcase studio closer to home in NYC.

Rite Track Recording was built during the transit strike and it was chaos but nonetheless, it was done in 3 days. She was in the process of negotiating a 3 studio installation on Riverside Drive for John Lennon with his producer Jack Douglas. Yoko was desperately trying to get him back into the studio recording once again. On the night of December 8th a knock on the door came at 1 in the morning to inform her that John was shot and killed. It was at that point she decided to get out the music business for there were too many situations beyond her control. She was offered a job in the Fine Art business wholesaling and supplying galleries, collectors with prints and original works from world-renown fine artists.

In the 80’s she got an offer to open a gallery with a partner and jumped at the opportunity. It opened on Thursday and the market crashed on that Monday in October 1987. It was a devastating loss only to be offered a position in Circle Fine Art who represented many world-famous fine artists including Donna Summer and the shows sold out. She started Adopt a Charity within the company bringing attention to many causes, helping others fulfill their needs and dreams working with the great animation artists who were finally acknowledged for their work.

Tricia hosted shows for Disney artists Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnson, William Hanna & Joe Barbera, Warner Bros. Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng. It was an honor to showcase them and acknowledge their work in their later years. Tricia continues to curate shows, exhibitions and concert artists with a charitable cause in mind.

Tricia heard Kat speak and sing at a local church and knew this was someone she could share her dreams with. They hold the heart of the community in their hands giving back one song at a time making a difference with each person they touch.

In this day and age when pop princesses dominate the airwaves, Kat fills a void that has been severely neglected for years. She satisfies a yearning that a great percentage of music lovers have been waiting to be fulfilled; a return to emotive Truth and Honesty in music rarely found today. 

In 1997, Kat moved to Asheville, NC and soon took the town by storm, becoming the most sought after singer in the region.

The year 2012 brought her recognition and the AMG Heritage Award for Female Vocalist of the Year. Kat was nominated for and Emmy for her work in the Hands of Hope project "A Special Evening with Elizabeth Smart: Where's There Hope, There's Healing," an effort to address sexual violence. 

Kat has been invited by several U.S. Presidents, Jay Leno, Robin Williams, and other notable celebrities to perform her unique blend of jazz, blues, gospel, sacred music, and pop. She has performed in concerts, Off-Broadway plays, documentaries and most recently was featured in a country-music video for “Land of the Sky,” accompanying Don Clayton and featuring Woody Wood.

She was chosen to sang the National Anthem for an event featuring Gen. Colin Powell and recently featured on NBC hit Show “America’s Got Talent “ Vegas callbacks in the Top 40 while opening for Chaka Kahn.

Years later, Kat's musical philosophy "I have no competition- I can only give you the best of me” holds true. After undergoing a kidney transplant Kat showed the world what it takes to be a truly phenomenal woman and an authentic, from the heart, performer.

Kat is now fulfilling her dream with her business partner, Tricia one song at a time.

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